Healthcare 2017

Healthcare public policy in the United States is likely to change in 2017 as a new President and Congress implement their vision for America. This webpage is designed to provide California's community health centers, who have a long and storied history of activism, with the information they need to protect the programs that constitute the foundation of health in California. 

CaliforniaHealth+Advocates Analysis of the American Health Care Act 

This week the Republican Majority in the United States House of Representatives introduced two bills referred to as the American Health Care Act that, when combined, are their official proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates conducted a full, detailed analysis of the legislation and talking points, which you can find below. Simply put, the legislation is bad for patients, bad for health centers, and bad for California. So far there is not solidified support for the first official legislation to repeal the ACA in the House or the Senate. The Congressional Budget Office is expected to release the score for the legislation next week, and a new Brookings analysis predict 15 million will lose coverage.

New Report:Value of Community Health Centers Today and Tomorrow

A new statewide report, commissioned by the CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates and the Regional Associations of California using grant funding provided by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, shows the impact of health centers “Today” and the potential impact if Congress and the new President roll back Medicaid eligibility to pre-Affordable Care Act (ACA) levels and reduce health centers’ federal operating support by 70% “Tomorrow.”



CPCA Bill Tracking Report

Talking Points

If you are drafting a communication, talking to the press, or just need some quick statistics these Talking Points will help you!

General talking points include:

    • The Affordable Care Act – Success/Repeal/Replacement
    • Health Centers are a Bi-partisan Solution
    • Investing in Expanding Health Centers is Critical
    • Health Center Savings and Economic Impact
    • Insurance and Coverage
    • Policy Briefs Primary Care Funding Cliff
      • Medicaid Blocks
      • Tax Credits and Health Savings Accounts
      • General Immigration Policy
      • Immigration Executive Orders
      • DACA
      • Planned Parenthood
      • Health Center ACA Investment
    • Primary Funding Cliff
    • Presidential Appointments

Fact Sheets, Information and Research

CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates Sponsored Legislation

California’s 2017–2018 Budget

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Health Centers


Title X


Advocacy & Media

  • Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC):  recently released viral videos for #FacesofCoverage, #FacesofObamacare. Please share these widely. CCALAC plans to share these videos with members of congress, media, partners and others as they are released.