Statement on DHCS Impact Analysis of TrumpCare

Sacramento - CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates President and CEO Carmela Castellano-Garcia released the following statement today in response to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Analysis on the American Health Care Act’s (AHCA) impact on Medi-Cal:

“The state’s analysis confirms that the American Health Care Act will devastate the health care safety-net and that it is not a viable replacement for the ACA,” said Castellano-Garcia. “President Trump and Congress are forcing low-income communities to foot the bill for their cost cutting measures and eliminating healthcare coverage for millions of Californians.”

The American Health Care Act (also known as TrumpCare) rolls back the Medicaid Expansion, which has proven to be one of the most important aspects of the Affordable Care Act, providing comprehensive coverage to some of the most chronically ill people who have no other healthcare options.  Using new healthcare rationing funding formulas like per capita cap and block grants, combined with federal funding cuts that start in 2019, Trump Care will force states to limit eligibility and care, eliminating access to care for millions of hard working families who are just trying to get by.

The March 21 analysis by California Department of Health Care Services found that TrumpCare will shift $6 billion in costs to California by 2020 and $24 billion in costs by 2027. The downstream impact on the health care safety-net of those cost shifts are summarized in the conclusion on page 4:           

“It will also increase the fiscal burden on our states safety net health care providers as they are also forced to live with the proposed aggregate cost limitations and potentially see increases in uncompensated care in the hundreds of millions, if not billions annually.”


About the CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates

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