Celebrate the Affordable Care Act

Date: March 23, 2017

Title: Celebrate the Anniversary of the ACA!

When: Noon

Be there or be square 

Menu of Ideas for Events

-          Block party!!

  • Make it fun. Invite the business neighbors. Have people bring a hot pot with some good food, chips and salsa, cut a cake. Fly colorful balloons.  Play music.

-          Press Conference

  • Coordinate a press conference with the health center CEOs, CMOs, and a few patients.
    • Focus on the jobs created by the ACA, and the economic value it brought to the community.
    • Have CEOs talk about the type of people they hired
    • Have patients talk about care they got for the first time
    • Have providers share how much easier their job was with the “resources” from the ACA

-          Mini rally

  • Create a space where people can gather and have signs
  • Have a podium or bull horn where a few key individuals can speak
  • Invite public health officials, social services, other key business partners you work with
  • Select a few key leaders to lead the rally with 2-5 minute speeches that focus on the good things about the ACA
  • Allow the space for others in the crowd to share their positive story

-          Coordinate a march

  • Coordinate a march with your community partners.
  • Either all agree to meet in one location and walk .5 to 1 mile or start in different places and converge
  • Carry signs and balloons so people know its fun and celebratory
  • End the march with a few inspirational speeches- have a bull horn or podium available

-          Health fair

  • Coordinate a fair where the central elements of the ACA are called out
    • Coverage (have O&E workers)
    • Health Benefits (providers doing blood pressure, etc)
    • Kids covered until 26 (Parents and kids)
    • Pre-existing conditions (individuals who would have been excluded)
  • Create an educational environment where patients and community members can also take away something be it a health screen or a way to stay actively involved

-          Celebrate your staff and providers

  • The ACA works because of your staff and providers. Honor them by hosting a party!
  • Wine and cheese
  • Pizza and soda
  • Cake!

Signs for any occasion

  • We Love the ACA
  • ACA- It was a great 4 years!
  • Keep building on the ACA!
  • ACA made our community better!
  • ACA = Good Health
  • I’m with the ACA
  • ACA saved my life
  • ACA = Awesome
  • I stand with the ACA

For media talking points on the value of health centers, please click here

Should you have any questions, please contact Ben Avey at ben@healthplusadvocates.org