Health Center Funding Cliff

What is the Health Center Funding Cliff?

Health centers are funded by two sources: annual discretionary appropriations and the Health Centers Fund, which is only funded through September 2017. Historically, Congress has voted on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis to extend both of these funding streams, which support health center operations, care for the uninsured, and the cost of services (such as translation, transportation, health education) not typically covered by insurance.

Without action from Congress before September 30th, health centers will face a devastating 70% cut in grant funding. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that this “funding cliff” will lead to a closure of 2,800 health center sites, 51,000 layoffs of clinicians and other personnel, and loss of access for more than 9 million patients nationwide.


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We Need All Hands on Deck to Fix the Cliff  Before the End of the Year

Congress has one more chance before the end of the year to #FixtheCliff

Despite many claims of strong support for a fix, Congress is already making noise about yet another delay until after the first of the year. We can’t let that happen – we can’t let Congress get away with yet another delay! The advocacy plan for the next two weeks is designed to create urgency, volume and pressure – we will be most successful on this front if we execute this plan together, in order to drive maximum impact and leverage. Download the advocacy calendar and get a head start on the next nine days of #FixtheCliff advocacy!

Make sure to mark your calendar for California's Call-in Day of Action on Wednesday, December 20. Contact Jana Castillo if you are in need of any assistance or would like to host a #FixtheCliff phone bank! Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, check out more advocacy tools below 


Cliff Advocacy Tool Kit 

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Fact Sheets and Talking Points

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